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Welcome to LRS Toys!

Hello! We are Abby & Spencer and we are so excited to welcome you to LRS Toys, our new home on the web!

You may know us from our Etsy shop, Little Red Spanking. We've spent over four years serving spanking enthusiasts around the world, filling their implement collections with beautiful handcrafted spanking toys made with care, love, and our stunning hand-selected hardwoods.

Spencer makes all spanking implements by hand once your order has been placed. That means your paddle or strap is made just for you. This also allows us to offer a wide selection of woods and we can customize our paddles for your needs.

We can also craft custom shapes or make spanking paddles out of custom woods. Contact us or start shopping now - let's build your collection together!

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International customers, please visit our Etsy shop Little Red Spanking

  • Made for You

    Get what you want AND what you deserve with LRS. Our mission is to put the right piece in your hand from the start, then help you build your implement collection. Spencer makes every piece by hand once your order has been placed. Special request? Just let us know!

  • Quality You Can Feel

    Fall in love with our signature rounded edges and the sanded to silkiness smooth surfaces of our hand-selected hardwoods. Honor your spanking partner and yourself the best. The reviews are in - the best is LRS.

  • Find Yourself

    No matter where you are on your spanking journey, we want to help. How can we help you take the next step of your journey? Whether you're a beginner or a seasoned pro, we believe everyone deserves a Little Red. Contact us today!

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