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Miss Jolly: 12" Sensual Spanking Paddle

Miss Jolly: 12" Sensual Spanking Paddle

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Our Miss Jolly is a mid-sized spanking paddle with an elongated handle that is perfect for most hand sizes. At 12 inches long tip to tip, it's suitable for OTK but adds just a little extra reach for most positions. This is a curvy, sensual spanking toy that is a delight to admire, hold, and use in all styles of consensual adult impact play.

International customers can purchase this item from our Etsy shop here.

Product Dimensions: 12” long x 4.5“ wide x .56” (9/16”) thick

How to Choose Your Wood

Choose your wood based on the sensation you hope to achieve. Every paddle will have some degree of sting. The heavier/more dense the wood, the more thuddy it will be. Contact us for recommendations or custom requests.

Limba (Tropical Western Africa) - a light and stingy wood with incredible variation in grain patterns. Limba is a light yellow/golden brown wood with gray and black streaks and veins that can make this wood look different from piece to piece, but thanks to its light weight, it carries a bright stingy smack with every impact.

Cherry (North America) - a well-balanced wood that brings sting and a nice, firm impact. This light/medium weight wood offers warm tones of caramel, pink, and gold. New to spanking? Cherry is a great choice for a first paddle because it is neither too light nor too heavy. It’s just right.

Walnut (North America) - a medium weight wood in shades of chocolate browns and toasty tans. Walnut is a fan favorite at LRS - it’s firm, stingy with a little thud, and builds quickly for that roasted rump sensation. .

Maple (North America) - a medium weight wood that will provide sting with some thud. Maple tends to be primarily a light cream color with straight grain lines and occasional darker flecks of sap. This sap is just like maple syrup - but you can’t taste it, so don’t try licking it! Fans love Maple for the firm but fair spirit it brings to spanking paddles.

Birch (North America) - a blonde & tan wood with medium/heavy weight and density. It’s heavier than our other domestic woods like Walnut and Maple, but not as heavy as most of our exotic woods. Birch brings a balanced blend of sting and thud.


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Care Guide

If your paddle begins to look or feel dry, refresh the wood using furniture oil or wax. Apply according to the instructions and buff off using a soft cloth - an old tee shirt or inside-out sock will do. Suggested products: Walrus Oil Wood Wax, Howard's Feed-n-wax

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Always Handmade, Always For You

Making the paddle or strap that's perfect for you is what we do. Our paddlemaker Spencer crafts every piece by hand after your order is placed. Want to know more? Need help or want to make a custom request? Learn more About Us or Contact Us today!

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This was extremely high quality.

This was extremely high quality.

Perfect item, great customer service. Than...

Perfect item, great customer service. Thank you!!

nice paddle, looking forward to using it

nice paddle, looking forward to using it

Trying it out tomorrow.

Trying it out tomorrow.

5 stars

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