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Genuine African Teak Spa-Inspired Spanking Paddle

Genuine African Teak Spa-Inspired Spanking Paddle

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Our Genuine African Teak spanking paddle is a handcrafted beauty in this warm and highly desirable exotic wood. This is a medium-weight implement that will bring sting, burn and a little thud to your spanking scenario. Spencer first made this paddle as a special order, but we loved the wood and clean simple shape. Now that our local woodshop stocks Teak lumber, we are happy to make this spanking toy a permanent part of our catalog!

International customers can purchase this item from our Etsy shop here

Product Dimensions: 14.125” long x 3.125“ wide x .625” (5/8”) thick

How to Choose Your Wood

This paddle comes exclusively in Genuine Teak. Teak is native to southern Asia but is widely grown on plantations throughout tropical regions of Africa, Asia, and Latin America. Genuine African Teak means that it is real teak, grown sustainably on a plantation in Africa.


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Care Guide

If your paddle begins to look or feel dry, refresh the wood using furniture oil or wax. Apply according to the instructions and buff off using a soft cloth - an old tee shirt or inside-out sock will do. Suggested products: Walrus Oil Wood Wax, Howard's Feed-n-wax

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Always Handmade, Always For You

Making the paddle or strap that's perfect for you is what we do. Our paddlemaker Spencer crafts every piece by hand after your order is placed. Want to know more? Need help or want to make a custom request? Learn more About Us or Contact Us today!

Customer Reviews

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Beautiful! Can't wait to put it to good us...

Beautiful! Can't wait to put it to good use!

This is absolutely amazing. Positively th...

This is absolutely amazing. Positively the best implement I own now and my top agrees completely. There isn't a sharp edge to it - all incredibly smooth and elegant while also being quite heavy a tool. Make no mistake, this makes a strong impact on the receiver, and the giver won't have any discomfort using it. So great!!

This is the second implement I've purchase...

This is the second implement I've purchased from LRS and it's a great one! Plenty of sting and easy handling. Definitely recommend if you're looking for a bath brush style paddle.

5 stars

5 stars - reviewer did not leave a comment

Somehow, rather miraculously, Spencer mana...

Somehow, rather miraculously, Spencer managed to outdo himself in the creation of this paddle. The superb quality of his craft is on full display in every flowing line and curve of the paddle's form, in the glassy smoothness of its surface, and in the delightful marks and searing pain it leaves in one's backside. All in all, the end result is more than worthy of so fine a wood, and I count myself deeply fortunate to have it in my ARSEnal. :-)