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Spanking Roleplays for Any Day of the Week

Spanking between consensual adults is as varied as the people who engage in spanking activities. For many, spanking is a sexy form of foreplay. Spanking may also be used in a pre-arranged discipline/punishment scenario as a means to improve behavior. Others may engage in spanking and impact play activities for stress relief or for the experience of sensation without romantic, sexual, or punitive intent.

Today, let's talk about spanking for fun!

Sometimes, you and your partner just want to engage in some spanking. I know Spencer and I get that way all the time! But when you're also juggling work, family, health, and life in general, it can be hard to find the right mindset.

Fortunately, spanking doesn't always have to be serious. Here are some quick and easy starter tips for creating a spanking scene when you just need a little escape.

1. Talk About It

If you and your partner do not regularly engage in roleplay or "fun" spankings, have a conversation about it first. Spencer and I like to discuss spanking activities while we're in the car. If you normally only use spanking for foreplay or discipline, let your partner know you'd like to explore spanking just for spanking's sake.  In our home, we call it "play time." Be sure to let your partner know why you'd like to explore this.  If you can't be comfortable talking about it, it's probably not time to explore it in real life yet. So start those conversations!

2. Get Into Your Headspace

If you're making a quick switch from life to spanking scene, allow you and your partner a few minutes to mentally "warm up." Either together or separately, scroll through your spanking social media feeds, watch a short spanking video, or read an erotic spanking story. You may want to look through any collections you have that put you in the mood - Spencer and I like to look at our vintage flagellation erotica collection and of course, our many spanking toys. 

3. A Little Roleplay

A little roleplay can go a long way. Full costumes are fun but not always necessary. Sometimes just one or two items can set the scene. 

4. Time for Your Spanking

If you have to wrap up by a certain time, set a timer you can both see. An hourglass is an especially fun way to time a spanking because it's old-fashioned and separate from "regular life." Hourglasses can be purchased in a variety of time intervals. Try a 3-minute hourglass for a "just have to take it" quick spanking session, or a 30-minute hourglass (or more!)  for longer scenes. 

5. Post-Spanking Care

Don't skip the aftercare! Even if there isn't time for a lotion massage or extended cuddles, always take a moment to connect "back on earth." Let your partner know they did well - tops need to hear this too! Hugs are good if that's your thing. Take a few deep breaths together and enjoy the afterglow. If it's needed by either partner, take a few extra moments now to "come down" even if you're in a rush. Aftercare is as much about mental and emotional care as it is about the physical body. A positive experience now will make it that much easier to have more and more frequent spanking play sessions in the future. 

School Roleplay

School roleplays can be one of the easier roleplays to start with for many spanking enthusiasts because we've already seen spanking scenes on video, we've read spanking fiction set in schools, or we're old enough to remember when Britney Spears released "...Baby One More Time" in 1999 and her naughty schoolgirl look re-launched the schoolgirl fashion craze started by 1995's ode to yellow plaid, Clueless

School roleplays generally involve a power dynamic between a "student" and "teacher." Make up a crime (cheated on test, skipped class, didn't wear uniform correctly) or skip it and go straight to the spanking. Many of us are happy to be considered "naughty" for no specific reason. 

Easy roleplay items: a tie can imply a school uniform or a person in power; a headband is a classic "schoolgirl" costume piece; a notebook can be used to write lines or record the punishment

Suggested spanking implements: a long wooden paddle; a leather tawse; a rattan cane

Character Suggestions (Bottoms)

Naughty student

Teacher in trouble

Chagrined cheerleader

Agitated athlete

Lazy lunchlady

Jumbled janitor

Character Suggestions (Tops)

Toppy teacher

Caring coach

Punishing principal

Harsh headmistress/headmaster

Preppy prefect

Sadistic superintendent

Naughty Maid/The Butler Did It

Roleplay within a home-setting can be done in almost any room, with almost any spank-friendly object. To avoid any real-world overlap, your home roleplay may involve characters that do not exist in your daily life - such as a maid or a butler.

Unless you and your partner have pre-agreed on a real punishment scenario, try to avoid real-world overlap for your anytime "fun" spankings. For example, if I am roleplaying as a maid but I got busy and didn't do the laundry in real life, don't punish me for not doing the laundry. Punish me as the naughty French maid who revealed her panties when she reached up to dust the chandelier. Keep it fun, light, and even silly.

Easy roleplay items: a feather duster creates an instant French maid vibe; a suit-jacket (and nothing else) on a bad boy butler isn't something you see everyday; an apron makes it easy to create a "the chef burned dinner - again" spanking scene; high heels always make me feel like the Lady of the House; a belt puts any home-based character in charge

Suggested spanking implements: a supple leather belt, a wooden hairbrush, a wooden spoon, any LRS Toys wood spanking paddle

Character Suggestions (Bottoms)

Messy maid/Bad boy butler

Naughty nanny

Chef who can't cook

Stableboy or footman

Pizza boy who delivers after 30 minutes is up

Character Suggestions (Tops)

Lady/Lord/Person of the House

Resident who wants pizza on time

Farmer & the Apple Thief

Some spanking scenarios can come out of nowhere! One of my favorite roleplay experiences happened spontaneously. Spencer and I had been intending on spanking play, but I hadn't expected to find myself suddenly being punished for stealing imaginary apples.

If you're in the mood for some apple thievery and spanking erotica, check out this secret link.

It's OK to have fun with spanking, Let your imagination run wild. Anything can be an inspiration for spanking play. Just keep your play safe, sane, and consensual, and be sure you and your partner understand what those words mean for you.

Happy Spanking!

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Abby is one of the founding members of LRS Toys along with paddle maker Spencer. Married for seventeen years, Abby and Spencer love sharing their passion for consensual adult spanking with the world. 

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